Chick Corea and Friends – Bud Powell (Live at North Sea Jazz 2016)

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Live @ North Sea Jazz 2016, Sunday July 10

Chick Corea 75th Birthday Celebration: Homage to Heroes


  • Kenny Garrett – alto saxophone
  • Wallace Roney – trumpet
  • Chick Corea – keyboards
  • Christian McBride – bass
  • Marcus Gilmore – drums


ryuosaka says:

Roney is so BAD.

Tito Penchi says:

Jazz is the most wonderful and difficult incredible where we think and go immediately to the fretboard or keyboard, which happens some instruments do not 'piaccen' alto sax sounds like a 'culeca hen' me pleasing instruments medium sound serious I play well trumpet for example does not mean making sharp as the old steam engines and speed that has to do with the exegara fingering technique achieved does not mean thinking and build a correct idea, actually usually as guiitarrista style django I saw that the fanatical people like to speed it does not say anything, when you think about it, amucho usually find it difficult to interpret a ballad, because it requires somewhat slow and one should think that express … no, it's my idea, do you think? tito

Braxton Cook says:

wow Gilmore forreal can sound like his grand dad at times (Haynes)

Marat Azaryan says:

1 o ma favorites ,thanks… didn't know Chick was on NSJF this year.. all tickets were sold pretty quickly i heard..

Arthur mcWalrus says:

Great! But its silly that you still dont have comments on this!! Where is the problem?!

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