Charlie Christian – The Genius of the Electric Guitar

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The Allmusic site awarded the album 5 stars, stating: “The Genius of the Electric Guitar is a fine introduction, not just to Charlie Christian’s brilliant and all-too-brief career, but to jazz guitar in general.”

Track listing:

Rose Room
Seven Come Eleven
Till Tom Special
Gone With “What” Wind
Grand Slam (Boy Meets Goy)
Six Appeal
Wholly Cats
Royal Garden Blues
As Long As I Live
Benny’s Bugle
Breakfast Feud
I Found A New Baby
Solo Flight
Blues In B
Waitin’ For Benny
Air Mail Special


Charlie Christian – guitar

Benny Goodman group

Benny Goodman Orchestra


Release Date: 1987
Duration: 49:05
Label: Columbia
Recording Date: October 2, 1939 – March 13, 1941