Chad Lefkowitz-Brown feat. Randy Brecker – Franklin Street

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Available for download at
“Franklin Street” (Composed by Chad Lefkowitz-Brown).

Randy Brecker – trumpet
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – tenor saxophone
Steven Feifke – piano
Raviv Markovitz – bass
Jimmy Macbride – drums



erzenico says:

Love this recording…Thanks

DJAGOJazz says:

Oh Wow !!!! What a TREAT ! Amazing musicians. Love you Chad and Randy <3

Farrell Yodihartomo says:

This should deserves more views and likes! Beautiful play and recording 🙂

plvarnier says:

super cool !!

Ben Vize says:

Incredible sound !! also @4:29 giant steps quote(ish)?

Omar Hussein says:

Anyone think Fidel Street?

Deniss Pashkevich - Saxophonist / Composer says:

Sounds great!

ThyrsusDionysus says:

4:18…what is happening

subschool5 says:

Amazing music! L.L. Bean brought me here.

frizzzzzzal says:

drummer killin it by referencing the bass/piano line during the second A at the top. dig it

Louis Gerrits says:

Great!!!!! Thanks. Recording sounding great too!

Jürgen Kill says:

playing with a legend….great!!

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