Casiopea – Eyes of the Mind

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Eyes of the Mind is the fifth album and the fourth studio album by Casiopea, released in 1981. The album was recorded in Los Angeles.

Track listing:
All Arranged by Casiopea and Harvey Mason except “Space Road” arranged by Kenny Mason.

Side A
1. “Asayake (Sunrise)” Issei Noro 3:48
2. “A Place in the Sun” Dave Boruff 4:38
3. “Take Me” Issei Noro 4:08
4. “Lakai” Harvey Mason, Bob James 4:07
5. “Eyes of the Mind” Issei Noro 4:40

Side B
1. “Black Joke” Issei Noro 4:01
2. “La Costa (Intro)” Bob James 0:21
3. “La Costa” Bob James 3:44
4. “Magic Ray” Issei Noro 4:50
5. “Space Road” Issei Noro 4:45


Issei Noro – Electric guitar (YAMAHA SG-2000 & SG-1000 Fretless)
Minoru Mukaiya – keyboards (Fender Rhodes 73, Roland VP-330, Prophet-5, Yamaha GS-1, Mini Moog, Polymoog, ARP 2600, Korg 800 DV, Korg Trident)
Tetsuo Sakurai – Bass (YAMAHA BB-2000)
Akira Jimbo – drums (YAMAHA YD-9000R)

Guest Players:

Harvey Mason – Percussion
Paulinho Da Costa – Percussion
Bob James – Keyboards (uncredited)


Released: April 21, 1981
Recorded: from December 4, 1980 to January 5, 1981
Studio: Kendum Studio “D”, Los Angeles, California United States
Length: 43:42
Label: Alfa Records
Producer: Harvey Mason