Billy Eckstine – I Apologize

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“I Apologize” was composed by Al Hoffman, Al Goodhart, and Ed Nelson in 1931.

Billy Eckstine released the song in 1951. It spent 19 weeks on the Billboard Best Seller Chart, peaking at Number 8.

Eckstine’s recording of “I Apologize” (MGM, 1948) was awarded the Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 1999.

Billy Eckstine- vocals

Orchestra conducted by Pete Rugolo


John Mazur says:

Being from the Pittsburgh area and my listening to him all the time when I was kid I still can't believe what a voice, I know each generation wonders what young people see in their music, but come on compare him to any singer out now days white or black as we used to say when we were kids they couldn't hold his jock strap.

Brad Cupek says:

I purchased this single in 1982 at a now closed Mom & Pop Record Shop. I was a teen in school, but I knew a good record when I heard one.  Thank you Dad.

Ingo H says:

One of the best ever!! Bingo

Curtis Ostriker says:

This is perfection in it's purest and most undistilled sense. Very few male vocalists had the total package that Mr. Billy Eckstein possessed. ONLY two others belong in that rare musical and vocal stratosphere along with Mr. B. Those two being Arthur Prysock and Johnny Mathis.

Darryl Ruiz says:

Great song Mr E does a great version of Sinatras " If you are but a dream" and surpasses it if I may be so bold to Franks' fans

bruce headrick says:

Best male voice of the 20th century…….The real shit!

Gilda Marlowe says:

I am 29 yrs old and this guy is long gone , but that voice! OH MY GOD!

Susie Enoch says:

Simply love Billy Eckstine's sultry and silky voice. Now that's a croner. I can listen to this type of music all day.

Rock Martinez says:

God I love this song. I was six years old living in Milwaukee when my brothers brought this record home and played it over and over. I think of all the songs of that year it is my fav and Mr. B. was the Man, so cool and just a great singer and performer. Man what I would give to go back just one day to that time, the splendor of that era in music.

Ruth Hildenbrandt says:

beautiful. i love it.

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