Billy Cobham, Horace Silver, Bill Hardman, Bennie Maupin, John Williams – Nutville

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“Nutville” (Horace Silver).

From Omkring Midnat Denmark TV (1968).

  • Billy Cobham – drums
  • Horace Silver – piano
  • Bill Hardman – trumpet
  • Bennie Maupin – tenor saxophone
  • John Williams – bass


Paul Cavaciuti says:

Easy to forget what a great jazz player Billy was.

LeonardMcrendall says:

looks like Billy Cobham remembers this show very well. This comes from a recent interview and it's very interesting:

"I was playing with Horace (Silver), John B. Wiliams, Bennie Maupin and Bill Hardman at The Copenhagen Jazz Festival.

We're rocking all the way down the road to the point where in the 10 months I worked for Mr. Silver I experienced my first out of body experience. Where I actually left my body on the bandstand, sat down in the audience and watched myself and the band play. It scared me half to death. We had come to a point I never knew before. We were playing so in sync that it was all as if we were in slow motion. But I heard every note and everything worked perfectly for me.

I understood immediately that something like this doesn't come everyday. Maybe it might happen only once in my life. Although I have now experienced it more than once in my life, more than twice in my life. But it has been on specific occasions.

There is no reward, there is no Oscar for this except to be able to sit there and go, "wow, that's amazing. I never knew the band could sound like this."

Again, it's the band! It's not Horace, it's not The Mahavishnu Orchestra, not The Billy Cobham Band. Just the band……"

Excerpt of a radio interview hosted by Jake D Feinberg with Billy Cobham (4/18/15)

u000jeg says:

Wow!  These cats are really digging in!

Roy Beckerman says:

Left handed drummer, playing a right handed kit ?
Ringo was like that.

vi99da says:

And that, my friends, is what being in the zone means to me…looks like Horace was in another universe conversing with the stars. I can only hope one day I'll be in that kinda groove.

James Blackwell says:

Hardman was a beast

jlucguitar says:

Un must !!!!!!!!! je ne connaissais pas !!! UN SOMMET MUSICAL …..
Que l'on retire peu à peu par le haut ……et les producteurs de MERDE ……
Tout le monde doit écouter la même musique ::::: !!!!!!!

martin galvan says:

does anyone else notice the sweat dripping from this guys face and falling all over the piano? 9:19 hardcore

martin galvan says:


Jude F. says:

Billy Cobham is a volcano on this. What energy, what technique, what feel.

Ricardo da Mata says:

I love Bill Hardman.

No One says:

oh my how do they play so fast ??? 

oecuemonster says:

Bill Harman and Bennie Maupin…killing it…these two cats deserve so much more recognition. The playing here is just burning with intensity…right through their suits!

Edgar Camilo Barrera Vargas says:


TheMentalVegetarian says:

Mr. Maupin is one of my very favorites.


Auténtico hard bop con los músicos bien inspirados y entregados !

David Loving says:

Horace Silver is the greatest!

森田カオル says:


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