Bill Frisell and Vernon Reid – Smash and Scatteration (Full Album)

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Smash & Scatteration is an album by guitarists Vernon Reid and Bill Frisell which was originally released on the Minor Music in 1985 before being rereleased on CD on Rykodisc.

Track listing:

Side One
1. Landscapes in Alternative History
2. Size 10 1/2 Sneaks
3. Amarillo, Barbados
4. Last Nights of Paris
5. Burden of Dreams (Reid; solo live, no overdubs)

Side Two
1. Dark Skin
2. Fr, Fr, Frisell (Frisell; solo live, no overdubs)
3. Small Hands
4. Black Light

Bill Frisell – acoustic guitar, electric guitar, prepared guitar, guitar synthesizer, synthesizer, electronic drums, effects
Vernon Reid – electric guitar guitar synthesizer, banjo, synthesizer, electronic drums


Released: 1985
Recorded: December 1984
Studio Gramavision Studio, NYC
Length: 41:00
Label: Minor Music
Producer: David Breskin