Bill Bruford’s Earthworks – All Heaven Broke Loose

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All Heaven Broke Loose is the third album by Bill Bruford’s Earthworks, featuring Django Bates, Iain Ballamy and Tim Harries. It was released on EG Records in 1991.

AllMusic awarded the album with 4.5 stars and its review by Scott Yanow states: “Full of unpredictability, subtle mood changes, touches of eccentric funk and a surprisingly creative use of electronic rhythms here and there, Bruford’s band plays intense but sometimes melancholy and introspective music. Recommended”.



Track listing:
“Hotel Splendour” (Iain Ballamy, Django Bates, Bill Bruford) – 4:42
“Forget-Me-Not” (Ballamy, Bates) – 8:25
“Candles Still Flicker in Romania’s Dark” (Bates) – 4:35
“Pigalle” (Bates, Bruford) – 6:32
“Temple of the Winds” (Ballamy, Bruford, Tim Harries) – 5:02
“Nerve” (Ballamy, Bates, Bruford) – 6:07
“Splashing Out” (Ballamy, Bates) – 5:25
“All Heaven Broke Loose:
1. Psalm, 2. Old Song” (Ballamy, Bates, Bruford) – 9:20
Additional tracks (from Summerfold CD reissue, remastered):
“Libreville” (Ballamy, Bates, Bruford) – 7:54
“Pilgrim’s Way” (Ballamy, Bruford) – 8:01

Bill Bruford – electronic, acoustic and chordal drums
Django Bates – keyboards, E♭ peck horn, trumpet
Iain Ballamy – saxophones
Tim Harries – acoustic and electric bass


Released: 1991
Recorded: January and February 1991
Label: EG Records
Producer: David Torn, Bill Bruford