Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – 1938 Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert

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The concert has been described as “the single most important jazz or popular music concert in history: jazz’s “coming out” party to the world of “respectable” music.”

Track listing:

1. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Don’t Be That Way 0:00
2. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Sometimes I’m Happy 4:25
3. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: One O’Clock Jump 8:36
4. Benny Goodman Dixieland Quintet: Sensation Rag 15:51
5. Benny Goodman 12-Piece Ensemble: I’m Coming Virginia 17:10
6. Benny Goodman Combo: When Baby Smiles At Me 19:21
7. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Shine 20:12
8. Benny Goodman Combo: Blue Reverie 21:20
9. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Life Goes To A Party 24:54
10. Benny Goodman 12-Piece Ensemble: Jam Session: Honeysuckle Rose 29:43
11. Benny Goodman Trio: Body And Soul 47:16
12. Benny Goodman Quartet: Avalon 50:51
13. Benny Goodman Quartet: The Man I Love 55:14
14. Benny Goodman Quartet: I Got Rhythm 58:42
15. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Blue Skies 1:03:23
16. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Loch Lomond 1:06:47
17. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Blue Room 1:10:53
18. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Swingtime In The Rockies 1:13:43
19. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Bei Mir Bist Du Schön 1:16:28
20. Benny Goodman Trio: China Boy 1:20:53
21. Benny Goodman Quartet: Stompin’ At The Savoy 1:25:52
22. Benny Goodman Quartet: Dizzy Spells 1:31:56
23. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Sing Sing Sing (With A Swing) 1:38:13
24. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: If Dreams Come True (Encore) 1:51:16
25. Benny Goodman & His Orchestra: Big John’s Special (Encore) 1:54:11


The Benny Goodman Orchestra:
Benny Goodman – clarinet, vocal, and leader
Chris Griffin, Ziggy Elman, Harry James – trumpets
Red Ballard, Vernon Brown – trombones
George Koenig, Art Rollini, Babe Russin, Hymie Schertzer – reed instruments
Jess Stacy – piano
Teddy Wilson – piano (BG trio and quartet only)
Lionel Hampton – vibraphone (BG quartet only)
Allan Reuss – guitar
Harry Goodman – bass
Gene Krupa – drums
Martha Tilton – vocal

Additional personnel:
Buck Clayton – trumpet
Bobby Hackett – cornet
Cootie Williams – trumpet
Harry Carney – baritone saxophone
Johnny Hodges – soprano and alto saxophones
Lester Young – tenor saxophone
Count Basie – piano
Freddie Green – guitar
Walter Page – bass


akin caldiran says:

l came to USA 1960 from Turkey and l am a proud American, when l cam to Kennedy airport l had few thinks with me and one of them this concert LP record, custom officer said to me l do not think he understood what l was trying to say, but l still have her, thank you l am 83 years old, l use to play when l was young but when l listen this music l still try to play on my coffee table

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