Albert Ayler – Ghosts

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A cornerstone piece of free jazz by the late great Albert Ayler.

Albert Ayler – tenor saxophone.


Rin Wesley says:

It took me a couple of listens, but I kinda like it.

History Kitchen says:

This is what Patrick was referring to when he said, "I don't get jazz."

Creepin' Jesus says:

Man, this Henry Kaiser cover sucks

Kritik Revolution says:


The Ramblings of a Nobody says:

I wouldn't call it terrible, obviously someone likes it. I can't understand the interest though, I feel like I'm suppose to be watching Monsters Inc.

elp his says:

japanese free jazz group masayuki takayanagi angry wave love it albert ayler

邵守正 says:

UI history of jazz 的举个手来来我看看多少人复习到这首了.

Matt Sedeen Sr. says:

Anyone that doesn't like Albert is simply a moron. No ears.

William Nemecek says:

I came here because I had not heard this for a while and was being lazy and not pulling out my old record copy.Just like everyone who listens to music on youtube. I mistakenly started reading the comments and am disgusted by all the ignorance.

Chris Mentzer says:

Wow! This is amaaaaaaaazing!!!!!!!!

Joe Blow says:

this music rules all eternity…ahhh

Ziploz says:

lmao wtf is this

Finn O'Hea says:

This music is saying "THERE'S VOICES IN MY HEAD"

Zak Dwyer says:

shitposting in musical form

Richard Espindola says:

Saludos desde Bolivia

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