Woody Herman- The Band That Plays the Blues

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Track listing:

A1 At The Woodchopper’s Ball 0:00
A2 Dallas Blues 3:16
A3 Blues Upstairs 6:17
A4 Blues Downstairs 9:26
A5 Casbah Blues 12:16
A6 Blue Prelude 15:25
A7 Herman At The Sherman 18:42
A8 Golden Wedding 21:46
B1 Blue Flame 25:03
B2 Fur Trapper’s Ball 28:19
B3 Bishop’s Blues 31:26
B4 Woodsheddin’ With Woody 33:17
B5 Blues In The Night 35:29
B6 ‘Tis Autumn 38:47
B7 A String Of Pearls 41:59
B8 Who Dat Up Dere 45:14

Tracks A1 to A4 recorded in New York, 12 April 1939.
Track A5 recorded New York, 14 May 1939.
Track A6 recorded New York 5 February 1940.
Track A7 recorded New York 10 April 1940.
Track A8 recorded New York 27 September 1940
Tracks B1, B2 recorded New York 13 February 1941.
Tracks B3, B4 recorded Los Angeles 10 September 1941.
Track B5 recorded Los Angeles 10 September 1941
Track B6 recorded Chicago 13 November 1941
Track B7 recorded New York 28 January 1942
Track B8 recorded New York 8 November 1943


Alto Saxophone – Bill Vitale (tracks: A8), Charles Di Maggio (tracks: B8), Eddie Scalzi (tracks: B1, B2), Herb Tompkins (tracks: A6 to B2), Jimmy Horrath* (tracks: B3 to B7), Joe Denton (tracks: A5), Joe Estren (tracks: A1 to A4), Johnny Bothwell (tracks: B8), Ray Hopfner (tracks: A1 to A7), Sam Rubinowitch (tracks: B3 to B7), Woody Herman
Baritone Saxophone – Skippy De Sair (tracks: B8)
Bass – Chubby Jackson (tracks: B8), Walter Yoder (tracks: A1 to B7)
Clarinet – Woody Herman
Drums – Cliff Leeman (tracks: B8), Frank Carlson (tracks: A1 to B7)
Flugelhorn – Joe Bishop (tracks: A1 to A8)
Guitar – Hy White
Piano – Dick Kane (tracks: B8), Tommy Linehan (tracks: A1 to B7)
Tenor Saxophone – Ben Webster (tracks: B8), Herbie Haymer (tracks: B3 to B7), Mickey Folus (tracks: A8 to B2), Nick Caiazza (tracks: A6), Pete Johns (tracks: A1 to A5), Pete Mondello (tracks: B8), Sammy Armato (tracks: A7), Saxie Mansfield (tracks: A1 to B7)
Trombone – Al Mastren (tracks: B8), Bud Smith (2) (tracks: A8 to B2), Ed Kiefer (tracks: B8), Eddie Bert (tracks: B8), Jerry Rosa (tracks: B3 to B7), Neal Reid* (tracks: A1 to B7), Toby Tyler (tracks: A6, A7), Vic Hamann (tracks: B1 to B7)
Trumpet – Benny Stabler (tracks: B8), Billy Rogers (8) (tracks: B6, B7), Bob Price (tracks: A5 to A8), Cappy Lewis (tracks: A6 to B8), Clarence Willard (tracks: A1 to A5), George Seaberg (tracks: B6, B7), Jerry Neary (tracks: A1 to A4), John Owens (tracks: B1, B2), Nick Travis (tracks: B8), Ray Linn (tracks: B3 to B7), Ray Wetzel (tracks: B8), Robert Guyer (tracks: B8), Steady Nelson (tracks: A5 to B5)
Vocals – Carolyn Grey (tracks: B6), Woody Herman (tracks: A4, A6, B5, B6, B8)