Tuba Skinny – At Esplanade de la Jetée (Andernos, France, July 28th, 2019)

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An amazing set in many ways. Never ever have you seen so many smiles on the faces of the members of this team of outstanding jazz performers – they were in the groove! And so were we!
Touring France July 2019, this is the last set of their three day stop-over, Sunday the 28th, in the wonderful little sea-side resort of Andernos-les-Bains, right west of Bordeaux, before their last performance in Paris. How lucky we were to be able to find this gem and being able to record this set in one go, leaving it uncut, for the audience as well as for those who couldn’t make it. The generosity of the band is outstanding, free concerts and allowing us to record so close. This is just one version of this set, many cameras were running. Enjoy!

“Tuba Skinny is a traditional jazz band based in New Orleans, Louisiana which was formed in 2009. Tuba Skinny’s instrumentation includes cornet, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, tuba, tenor banjo, guitar, washboard, and vocals. The group finds inspiration in the early jazz and blues music of the 1920s and 1930s. The band has performed on streets and stages around the world, including music festivals in Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Spain.

Offbeat Magazine awarded their album Owl Call Blues recognition as the best traditional jazz album of the year in 2014. This award is given only to Louisiana musicians, and was first established in 1994.[3]

The band’s name originated when Todd Burdick, the sousaphone player was walking down the street one day and someone said, “Hey! There goes that skinny tuba boy!”. That was when members decided to run with the incident and named the band, “Tuba Skinny”. There is a common misconception that band was named as a tribute to the tuba player Anthony Lacen who was better known as Tuba Fats. He was a founding member of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band, one of New Orleans’ most prominent brass rhythm bands. He died in 2004″ (Wikipedia).


  • Shaye Cohn – leader, cornet, vocals
  • Craig Flory – clarinet, vocals
  • Barnabus Jones – trombone, vocals
  • Erika Lewis – drums, vocals
  • Max Bien Kahn – guitar, banjo, vocals
  • Jason Lawrence – banjo, guitar, vocals
  • Todd Burdick – sousaphone


Esplanade de la Jetée , Andernos, France

July 28th, 2019