Toshiko Akiyoshi-Lew Tabackin Big Band – Tales of a Courtesan (Full Album)

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“Tales of a Courtesan (Oirantan)” is the third recording of the Toshiko Akiyoshi – Lew Tabackin Big Band. It is also sometimes referred to by the title HANA KAI TAN (花魁譚) in rōmaji listings of the Japanese album title.
Released in 1976.

AllMusic Review bу Sсоtt Yanow
Vіrtuаllу every Tоѕhіkо Akiyoshi big-band rесоrdіng is wеll worth acquiring fоr nоt only dоеѕ Akіуоѕhі hаvе a hіghlу арреаlіng аnd оrіgіnаl аrrаngіng style but hеr оrсhеѕtrа always boasts top ѕоlоіѕtѕ. In аddіtіоn tо Lеw Tаbасkіn оn tenor аnd flutе, Tаlеѕ of a Cоurtеѕаn fеаturеѕ worthy іmрrоvіѕаtіоnѕ bу altoists Gаrу Fоѕtеr аnd Dick Sреnсеr, trombonist Britt Wооdmаn, trumреtеr Bobby Shеw and ріаnіѕt Akіуоѕhі. “Rоаd Time Shufflе” аnd “Strіvе fоr Jіvе” аrе particulary memorable.

1. Road Time Shuffle – 0:00
2. Tales Of A Courtesan (Oirantan) – 6:25
3. Strive For Jive – 15:40
4. I Ain’t Gonna Ask No More – 23:30
5. Interlude – 29:40
6. Village – 33:55

Toshiko Akiyoshi – piano
Lew Tabackin – tenor saxophone, flute, piccolo
Tom Peterson – tenor saxophone, alto flute, clarinet
Dick Spencer – alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
Gary Foster – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, clarinet
Bill Perkins – baritone saxophone, alto flute, bass clarinet
Bobby Shew – trumpet
Steven Huffsteter – trumpet
Mike Price – trumpet
Richard Cooper – trumpet
Jim Sawyer – trombone (on “Strive for Jive” and “Village”)
Bill Reichenbach Jr. – trombone (except on “Strive for Jive” and “Village”)
Charlie Loper – trombone
Britt Woodman – trombone
Phil Teele – bass trombone
Don Baldwin – bass
Peter Donald – drums
Guest Artist

King Errisson – congas (on “Village”)


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