The Swingle Singers & The Modern Jazz Quartet – Place Vendome (Full Album)

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Place Vendôme  is an album released by the Swingle Singers performing with The Modern Jazz Quartet. The album was a 1967 Grammy award nominee.

Track listing:
“Sascha” (Little David’s Fugue) (John Lewis) – 4:18
“Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major,” (aka “Air on the G String”) BWV 1068 (J. S. Bach) – 5:41
“Vendôme” (Lewis) – 3:32
“The Musical Offering” (Musikalisches Opfer), for keyboard and chamber instruments, BWV 1079 (Bach) – 6:34
“When I am Laid in Earth” (from Dido and Aeneas), soprano aria (“Dido’s Lament”) (Henry Purcell) – 5:05
“Alexander’s Fugue” (Lewis) – 4:53
“Three Windows” (Lewis) – 7:10


The Swingle Singers:

Jeanette Baucomont – soprano
Christiane Legrand – soprano
Alice Herald – alto
Claudine Meunier – alto
Ward Swingle – tenor, arranger
Claude Germain – tenor
Jean Cussac – bass
José Germain – bass

The Modern Jazz Quartet:

John Lewis – piano
Milt Jackson – vibraphone
Percy Heath – double bass
Connie Kay – drums


Recorded: 1966
Length: 37:07
Label: Philips