The Stan Tracey Quartet – Jazz Suite Inspired By Dylan Thomas’ Under Milk Wood

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Jazz Suite Inspired by Dylan Thomas’s “Under Milk Wood” is an album by the English pianist Stan Tracey and his quartet, that was released by the Columbia subsidiary of EMI in 1965. The music was written in response to the 1953 BBC radio play Under Milk Wood, by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. It has often been cited as one of the best jazz recordings made in the United Kingdom (Wikipedia).

Track listing:
All compositions by Stan Tracey.

“Cockle Row” – 6:50
“Starless and Bible Black” – 3:45
“I Lost My Step in Nantucket” – 3:15
“No Good Boyo” – 5:00
“Penpals” – 3:45
“Llareggub” – 4:50
“Under Milk Wood” – 5:55
“A.M. Mayhem” – 6:50

Stan Tracey – piano
Bobby Wellins – tenor saxophone
Jeff Clyne – bass
Jackie Dougan – drums


Released: 1965
Recorded: March 14, 1965
Studio: Lansdowne Studios, London
Length: 40:46
Label: Columbia, Steam,
Blue Note Records, Jazzizit, ReSteamed