Steve and Eydie sing Sinatra

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Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme sing songs associated with Frank Sinatra.


carl perkins says:

those singers from the 40,50,60 never lost their voice even when they get 40 or 50 yr old
cause the music environment was not too much toxic like the 70,80 90 and today is worst

Debbie Coll says:

They were an amazing duo!! I will forever go on listening to their wonderful songs. Thank you Steve and Edie!!!

Margie Handler says:

I saw the in person a couple times……so wonderful

Mark Curran says:

Priceless. A style of music and singing that has passed from the popular culture, but it is a treasure we should never forget. Steve and Eydie were among the best of them, and an homage to Frank like no other. Thanks for posting!

John J. Bussmann says:

wow…wow…and more wow!

Robert Bonter says:

Happy birthday Frank, # 101, today, December 12, 2016. You are missed by the bland, vanilla world you left behind.

the dude says:

I always wanted to see these two perform but never took the time with school and all

rolandrd7001 says:

The best singing married couple ever .You will never see this type of great talent again!!!!!!!!

Robert Cabrera says:

call Frances

luis alberto hidalgo galvez says:

que bonito. me emociona. escuchar y conocer más ….

Karen Berino says:

Two of the best voices of a generation and the truest love story EVER!!! Pure magic – thanks for sharing your love and talent with all us, Steve & Eydie!

Paul Simpson says:

Forgot his good they were it's been so long how fab is this thanks to you tube !

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