Stefano Bollani – Napoli Trip

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Milanese pianist Stefano Bollani sees Naples as “a parallel universe in which I often wander, alone or with companions”. His tribute to the city devotes some of its 16 tight tracks to his virtuosic solo playing, and some to a fine new quartet including Neapolitan saxophonist Daniele Sepe and electronicist Jan Bang, with the serenely funky Manu Katché at the drumkit. There are jigging Naples street dances that become pressing contemporary grooves; the late singer-songwriter Pino Daniele’s Putesse Essere Allero is a poignant solo meditation, and O Sole Mio an accelerating piano dance in which the famous tune races to keep up. The 60s comedy-movie hit theme Caravan Petrol is a jazz-piano twister and one of the standouts, while Bollani gently croons the lyric of Lorenzo Hengeller’s Guapparia 2000 with a rare vocal straightfacedness, and plays the closing waltz as a lovely duet with Brazilian bandolim master Hamilton de Holanda. You might need to share a little of Bollani’s love affair with Naples to entirely get it, but Napoli Trip glitters with invention nonetheless. (John Fordham, TheGardian).

Track listing:

1. ‘Nu Quarto ‘E Luna 00:00
2. Maschere 04:20
3. Vicoli 07:33
4. Il Valzer Del Cocciolone 12:50
5. Lo Choro Di Napoli 15:26
6. Il Bel Ciccillo 16:43
7. Apparentemente 19:13
8. Putesse Essere Allero 22:32
9. ‘O Sole Mio 24:49
10. Quel Che Si Diventa 27:13
11. Napoli’s Blues 30:23
12. Caravan Petrol 31:42
13. ‘O Guappo ‘Nnammurato 35:43
14. Guapparia 2000 38:05
15. Sette 42:04
16. Reginella 48:06


Stefano Bollani – acoustic piano / Fender Rhodes / vocal
Jan Bang – DJ
Daniele Sepe – sax / flute
Hamilton de Holanda – mandolin
Manu Katche – drums / percussions
Nico Gori – clarinette