Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd – Desafinado (Perry Como Show)

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“That’s the South American…stuff!” So begins Perry Como’s introduction to the bossa nova performance that would follow. While “stuff” obviously wasn’t the word he was searching for, he can be forgiven for his inability to pluck a more descriptive word from the ether since bossa nova was new to North American shores in 1962 when this performance took place.

As American purveyors of this new sound, saxophonist Stan Getz and guitarist Charlie Byrd teamed up to make the 1962 “Jazz Samba” LP, which is regarded as the first exposure most Americans had to the bossa nova sound. In this video, the band performs one of the tunes from the Jazz Samba LP – Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Desafinado,” followed by some fooling around when Perry Como joins in.


Señor Burrito says:

bossa nova on every standard?? my life is complete...

Xavier Hamel says:

Merveilleux ……. des musiciens exceptionnels qui auront marques l'histoire de la bossa et de la musique

Charles Barry says:

These two men were the names associated with bossa nova. The combination worked well. Sadly , they have left us. RIP.

B. Bailey says:

this video clip is golden! thanks!

Ray Opezzo says:

Perry Como always kept his Penn barber's license active for his lifetime according to accounts I've read. Felt he always had a career alternative to singing. Genuine class and his warmth comes across on TV as well as in person. R.I.P. Perry.

theHellza Poppin says:

great. thank you Istash 😉

SuperCarver2011 says:

Charlie and Stan were a great musical discovery in the late 60s.Both Stan's ad lib sax and Charlie's playing style were unique and distinguishable from anyone else of that era.

Ellen Angell says:

show…espetacular…BOSSA NOVA…gostinho de ser Brasil.

Lipperr says:

can someone tell me what type of tenor stan getz used?

TheCaterham6 says:

I must say..this is "Cool"……..!
I have a Selmer Tenor/Alto..5yrs now….nearly there!….?

Joseph Hsu says:

Great jaza, bossa nova's original.

John Bartholomew says:

+retrorex , that is new information to me. Thanks much for sharing.

brendan corr says:

perry had a watm sense of humour

pianopappy says:

What a treat to see this again after 52+ years; although, I've heard it many times over. The night it aired, I recorded the audio on a reel-to-reel tape recorder; and, it became a prized recording, including the guys' banter and collaboration with Perry Como.  (How about the way Stan takes out "It Happened in Monterey".) The program ("Kraft Music Hall") aired, according to the notes in my tape box, on October 17, 1962–and it was live.

Val Ginter says:

Real pros! Perry, Getz, and Byrd! Don't we wish we had this kind of television today!

John Bartholomew says:

Getz is really inventive here, especially on Desafinado.  Como acquits himself pretty well, I'd say.  Sings the groove, doesn't get in the way.

John Hintz says:

That's Ol Perry Como for ya..What a Douche..he was allredy played out by the 60's..Stan And Charley were really good at this time…

BoBo Le Roy says:

Leave it to a super talented Ukrainian Jew to teach the Latinos how to play the Bossa Nova the right way.

mashtones says:

The album Jazz Samba was recorded in a hall at All Saints church in Washington D.C.. Done mostly in single takes with no formal rehearsal Getz's improvised solos created the template for how much of the Bossa Nova that followed would sound. Byrd and Getz never played together again after this TV show.

Mark Chergosky says:

I would have liked to hear Stan solo over the changes!

Greg Thymius says:

"Bossa Nova Freilach" is hilarious! Anyone know who the bass and drummer are?

gian paolo Puglisi says:

Getz was the perfection on tenor sax !

gian paolo Puglisi says:

Thanks a lot !

theantiantihero says:

I absolutely love this stuff.  Thanks!

Jason Davidjian says:

I do think Byrd is superb as well and it as good Bonfa in his own style, though I prefer Bonfa just in taste

Jason Davidjian says:

awesome. Live music with the utmost musicianship. People forget how great live recordings are compared the processing music goes through now in most popular situations.

Gary Iampaglia says:

Vintage Getz!!!

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