Serge Chaloff – What’s New ?

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“What’s New ?” (Johnny Burke / Bob Haggart).

Album: “Boston Blow-Up!” (1955).

The Serge Chaloff  Sextet:

Boots Mussulli – alto saxophone
Serge Chaloff – baritone saxophone
Everett Evans – bass
Jimmy Zitano – drums
Ray Santisi – piano
Herb Pomeroy – trumpet



Giulio Luzzardi says:

Wow ,I really mean wow man !!!!!

Joe Carbery says:

Such a romantic sound!

George Prosser says:

Serge Chaloff Sestet – Whats New,, great baritone sax man..

charles miller says:

a Smack man that could play. he is to the baritone what bird is to the alto. Crazy guys seem to have a lot of talent. His sound is right on the money 5 stars!

Lowell Thomas, Jr. says:

Mr. Richard Kole attended New England Conservatory and also once sold a newspaper to Al Capone in Chicago, or so he told me. Mrs. (Donna) Kole made me and many others weep with her violin solo on "Theme from Sophie's Choice." Guess Boston has a few musicos attending Berklee School of Music, eh ?

ramoburg says:


John Mackenzie says:

Marvelous sound and phrasing. Many kudos from this old New England Conservatory grad. I recall taking some lessons from Nat Pierce.

Randy Twizzle says:

Great music from one of my favorites

Debb Starr says:

What a treat. Absolutely beautiful sound. Excellent bio, too! TY

ClearOutSamskaras says:

What's New?

Blue Note Big Band says:

Lester Young, Charlie Parker, Harry Carney and Sarah Vaughan distilled, with a tiny dash of Marshall Royal, pour it it into a bari-player mold and chill, you got Serge Chaloff.


this makes me teary eyed@!

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