Ron Carter Quartet – Tambien Conocido Como

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Ron Carter Quartet – Piccolo (Album)

Piccolo is a 1977 release by the Ron Carter Quartet.  The quartet consists of Ron Carter on piccolo bass, Kenny Barron on piano, Buster Williams on bass, and Ben Riley on drums. The album was recorded live at Sweet Basil in New York City on March 25–26, 1977. Piccolo is considered one of Ron Carter’s best albums from the later 70’s due to its excellent recording, live-club feel, and exquisite musicianship. After being brought together by Carter and playing in his quartet for a few years, Barron, Williams, and Riley went on to form Sphere with Charlie Rouse. (Wikipedia).

Track listing
All compositions by Ron Carter except as indicated

“Saguaro” – 18:25
“Sunshower” (Kenny Barron) – 15:17
“Three Little Words” (Harry Ruby, Bert Kalmar) – 8:46
“Laverne Walk” (Oscar Pettiford) – 12:24
“Little Waltz” – 8:15
“Tambien Conocido Como” – 12:59


Ron Carter – piccolo bass
Kenny Barron – piano
Buster Williams – bass
Ben Riley – drums