Ron Carter and Richard Galliano – Panamanhattan

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Panamanhattan is a live album by bassist Ron Carter and accordionist Richard Galliano recorded in Paris in 1990 and released on the Dreyfus Jazz label.

The Allmusic site awarded the album 5 stars, stating: “A live performance – a concert. Lots of space, and a slow pace. Music to listen to, perhaps a tad too intellectual. Still… lovely.”

Track listing:
“Summer in Central Park” (Horace Silver) – 5:40
“Spleen” (Richard Galliano) – 7:03
“Doom” (Ron Carter) – 4:48
“Allée des Brouillards” (Richard Galliano) – 3:33
“A Small Ballad” (Ron Carter) – 5:38
“Portrait Of Jennie” (J. Russel Robinson, Gordon Burdge) – 7:33
“Ballade pour Marion” (Richard Galliano) – 4:19
“Little Waltz” (Ron Carter) – 7:24
“Des Voiliers” (Richard Galliano) – 4:09

Ron Carter – bass
Richard Galliano – accordion


Released: 1991
Recorded: July 23, 1990
Venue Fnac Montparnasse, Paris, France
Length: 50:43
Label Dreyfus Jazz
FDM 36514.2
Producer: François Lacharme, Philippe Briday