René Marie – Sound of Red

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“Sound of Red” (René Marie).

Album: “Sound of Red”  (2016).
René Marie’s sensational SOUND OF RED finds the singer at the top of her game, breaking new ground with her first album of entirely self-penned originals. After landing a Best Jazz Vocal Album GRAMMY nomination with her last release, Marie shoots for the stars again with SOUND OF RED, as she writes a new chapter in jazz in her patented ultra-sexy, wise, provocative and daredevil style. Her brilliance as a writer – who draws equally on jazz, folk, R&B and country – proves an easy match for her brilliance as a performer. These richly personal songs explore the sweetest, saddest, brightest and darkest corners of human existence, setting Rene Marie up for cross-over success.


Wayne Daniel says:

I can't wait to meet you Thursday in Fort Worth

youssoupha fall says:

Magnifique infiniment Top tendrement splendide very Nice Beautiful Sonys rythme voix sensuelle beauté totale respect GD

Teresa Bauman says:

where can I get her song "The EVERY thought of you" ? There is nowhere except the "private screenings" of Robert Osborne with i.e. with Liza Minnelli

rowan volvo says:

HA! Just picked up on that joke about "we try to win, but then again, with our ear to the ground" … — so true.

Danilo de Castro says:

That's amazing!

Thierry L. says:

C'est bon …belles émotions 🙂

TheOtherSun says:

great voice

MissLiveLaughLove1 says:

Love the video Ms. René. I purchased the CD a couple of weeks ago and am enjoying it immensely. I so love an album where I am not moved to skip past any on the songs. Well done!

Perfect Pixel Publicidad says:

The taste for magnificent music is saved for only a few people in this world. Thanks René Marie for bringing these sounds to the people won't give you millions of views on social media but millions of applause when you perform…

The Radical HomeGoddess says:

MAGNIFICENT. I know this will be a sane society when a Sister like this is known from corner to corner on every block, everywhere….

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