Red Garland – Feelin’ Red (Full Album)

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“Producer/jazz scholar Joel Dorn continues to raid the endlessly fertile Muse Records archives for his 32 Jazz reissue series. Reaching into the well and coming up with Feelin’ Red is a victory not just for Dorn, but any piano jazz enthusiast. In his youth, Garland was a professional boxer, and his pugilistic sensibilities are audible in the rough-and-tumble way he approaches the keyboard. That’s not to say he lacks delicacy or subtlety — his touch and tone on “You Better Go Now” are as poignant as all get out. But his relentlessly swinging feel on “It’s All Right with Me,” and his forceful attack on “Cherokee” make it plain that Garland is incapable of giving less than his all. Captured in flight with his late-’70s working trio of Sam Jones and Al Foster, Garland lays down a bevy of authoritative runs over a propulsive rhythm section. Solid but searching and undeniably soulful, Feelin’ Red is Garland in top form.” – Rovi Staff/AllMusic.

“In 1978 there was an engagement at the Village Vanguard. His trio on this date – Sam Jones and Al Foster — went to a studio to record this session for Muse, his first of two albums for the label. The lost time hurt Garland very little; he comes out swinging with his usual bag of dreamy ballads and overlooked standards. It’s the type of album he made many times before, but for certain fans and certain moods, you can never ha! ve enough Red Garland….” (AllAboutJazz) >>> Read More

Track listing:
“It’s All Right With Me” (Cole Porter) – 8:40
“You Better Go Now” (Robert Graham, Bickley Reichner) – 4:23
“On a Clear Day” (Burton Lane, Alan Jay Lerner) – 8:30
“Going Home” (Traditional) – 8:01
“The Second Time Around” (Jimmy Van Heusen, Sammy Cahn) – 3:13
“I Wish I Knew” (Harry Warren, Mack Gordon) – 3:55
“Cherokee” (Ray Noble) – 5:32

Red Garland – piano
Sam Jones – bass
Al Foster – drums


Released: 1979
Recorded: May 15, 1978
Studio: CI Recording Studios, New York City
Label Muse
MR 5130
Producer: Mitch Farber