Phil Moore and his Orchestra – Polynesian Paradise (Full Album)

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Full vinyl recording of the 1959 “Polynesian Paradise” LP as Stereo version by Phil Moore and his Orchestra (with typical cheesecake cover). It “is more than the pulsating pleasure of a musical trip around palm trees, warm ocean currents, coral reefs and grass-skirted loveliness. It’s a kiss-covered call to dip deep in the charm and the sounds of love from these floating islands and fairy-tale lands.
It takes merely a moment of unhurried time. The first bird call settles you in the midst of a South Sea Island dream. The breeze carries whispers of love gone native. You need no translation to understand the full meaning…”

Side A:
00:00 – Return To Paradise
02:36 – The Far Mountain
05:03 – Maiden Island
07:26 – Blue Hawaii
10:09 – Pearls Of Paradise
13:02 – Moon Of Manakoora

Side B:
15:38 – Bali Hai
18:47 – Fiji Farewell
21:47 – Flamingo
24:36 – The Turtle And The Rickshaw
26:20 – Pagan Love Song
28:22 – Trade Winds

“Excuse all the background noise, but it’s a record from 1959 and I don’t think there are much better copies around…”