Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra feat. Bix Beiderbecke, Jimmy Dorsey, Frankie Trumbauer – San

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“San” ( McPhail,Walter Michels).

Banjo – Carl Kress
Bass Saxophone – Min Leibrook
Clarinet  – Jimmy Dorsey
Cornet  – Bix Beiderbecke (tracks: A), Jimmy Dorsey
Drums – Harold McDonald
Leader – Paul Whiteman
Piano – Bill Challis
Saxophone – Frankie Trumbauer
Trombone  – Bill Rank
Trumpet  – Charlie Margulis
Violin  – Matty Malneck

Recorded on the 12th January, 1928 for the Victor Talking Machine Company in Liederkranz Hall, New York


msjazzmeblues says:

Diana, Whiteman's recording sessions tended to be during the working day, rather than the wee hours.  (The "My Ohio Home" session was filmed at night so Paul could dramatically tear up his contract with Victor and the last stroke of midnight,)  Bix may have been short on sleep here, but he doesn't sound like it on this take.  He goes at it like it's the first take, which it definitely is not!

Diana Johannessen says:

Oh and that's the wonderful Min Leibrook on base sax. —Dooley

Diana Johannessen says:

The same personnel play on the alternate cut that survives, which was stuck on the shelf because the musicians, in their exuberance, are slightly unsynchronized in the opening bars. But Bix's solo here, though quite different, is beautiful in its own way. It's a  reminder of how much of his brilliant improvisation probably ended up being scrapped (or never released) because somebody screwed up and the take had to be scrapped. The amazing thing is that these guys, often recording in a cold studio in the early morning hours after having been up all night, were able, again and again, to pull off such memorable recordings with rarely m ore than two or three takes—as opposed to today's musicians and recording engineers who may do twenty and then mix and re-mix tracks until they've got a version they want to release. These guys were good. —Dennis Dooley

Diana Johannessen says:

Sorry, I'm responsible for the foregoing comments (beginning "Actually…"), not Diana J. —Dennis Dooley

Diana Johannessen says:

Actually (according to the most recent scholarship) that's not Venuti but Matty Malneck (who later composed "Hey Good Lookin'," ""Shangri-La," "I'll Never Be the Same," "Goody Goody" and "Stairway to the Stars") on violin here; Carl Kress, not Lang, on guitar (using banjo tuning); and Bix & Jimmy Dorsey (cornets) and Charlie Margulis (trumpet) on the horn trio, with Bix taking the lead. But Bix did lots of other memorable stuff with Lang and Venuti. Compare Bix's inspired opening solos on this and the other surviving take to see how utterly fresh he could be in his improvisations on the same song even at the same recording session. The horn trio heard here was arranged by Challis from one of Bix's (unrecorded) improvisations in performance.

Michael Klein says:

One of my all-time Whiteman sides.  Look at all the talent here.  Every soloist here inspired and spawned a whole generation of great jazz players.  I don't feel Venuti, Lang or Challis ever got the fame they deserved.

Marvin Muoneke says:

Whiteman recorded the same arrangement again with Capitol Records in 1945. It's really good. But this is the best!!

oldtimedrumcorps says:

Great, I want to put the words to the music. Can you break it down so I may follow ? Your the Cats Pajamas. Ha Cha!

kingkoeller says:

Chorus 2
Oh, sweet heart Lona, my darling Lona, Have you come back to stay? You said you loved me, I knew you loved me, I knew you'd | come some day. If I had ever been untrue to you, What you have done would be the thing to do; But now you're mine, dear, For all the time, dear, And you're forgiven by your loving San!

kingkoeller says:

Oh, sweet heart Lona, my darling Lona, Why have you gone away? You said you loved me, But if you loved me, Why did you act this way? If I had ever been untrue to you, What you have done would be the thing to do; But my heart aches, dear, And it will break, dear, If you don't come back home again to San!

kingkoeller says:

First Verse
King San of Senegal Sat on the shore At Bulamay, Singing a sad refrain. To his dear queen who'd gone away, This was his lay.
Second Verse
One day the queen came home Saw San in sadness on the shore, Told him she'd no more roam. Only her San would she adore, Then came this lore.

kingkoeller says:

San – Song and Lyrics by Lindsay McPhail and Walter Michels
San Year 1920 Words and Music by Lindsay McPhail and Walter Michels

Randy Knight says:

Enjoyed this immensely!

oldtimedrumcorps says:

Ya know I have heard this tune many times and have tried to whistle Bix's part . I can get close but he always does something somewhere that I cant get. He's all over the map on this . Makes me want to take up playing again. Bix and Boys . The cats pajamas.

Jonathan Holmes says:

This was recorded with a very early microphone in the Victor studio, New York. It's likely the orchestra was placed around the microphone so that the sound was just right – so this literally involved placing louder instruments further away and quieter ones closer to the microphone. A lot of science went in to placements of the time!

oldtimedrumcorps says:

No player overplays another but perfectly compliments the soloist. The sound man and recording tehnique is unreal. Does anyone know how this was done? Along w/ shear musical perfection.

TheBeiderbecke says:

Look up my channel. I just added the alternate take to my favourites.

TheBeiderbecke says:

To 76trombones: There is an alternate take of this song that has the Dorcey brothers playing with Bix. That session kicks this one's ass, if you can imagine that being possible. I'm not 100% sure if they play on this one.

C.B. POPE says:

Best version I have ever heard. Can someone please help me. I have an RCA Camden LP CAL-446 with this cut plus liner notes by Leonard Feather. He says the trumpet chorus was played by Bix plus Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey . Never heard that before. Rest of the players Joe venuti, Violin, Min Leibrook Bass sax, Eddie Lang, Guitar

Richard U says:

I love the bass sax solo and in the background.

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