Oscar Moore – Presenting Oscar Moore (Full Album)

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Oscar Moore is perhaps best known as the guitar player in the classic Nat King Cole Trio of the 30s and 40s. Little is known about this recording, recorded for the Omega label in 1957 and featuring Oscar in duet with bassist Leroy Vinegar. It would appear to have remained unreleased other than in its initial reel-to-reel tape edition. This rare recording was one of the few Oscar Moore made in stereo. This remained unreleased in all other formats due to some problems in the recording. It seems that Oscar accompanied himself via overdubbing. Something went wrong on the reel-to-reel master and the result was mud. However, with digital enhancement, the original sound has been recovered and everything can now be heard cleanly and clearly. This is some fine Oscar Moore playing, which no fan of jazz guitar will want to miss (https://goo.gl/126Nez).

Track listing:

00:00 Can’t Get Started With You (Vernon Duke)
02:55 There’s A Small Hotel (Rodgers,Hart)
05:41 Angel Eyes (Matt Dennis)
08:12 To A Wild Rose (Edward MacDowell)
12:02 It’s A Pity To Say Goodnight (Billy Reid)
16:49 Tangerine (Mercer, Schirtzinger)
19:56 Sweet Loraine (Burwell, Parish)
22:39 If You Were Mine (Merrill)
25:55 Taborro (Oscar Moore)


Leroy Vinnegar – bass
Oscar Moore – guitar