Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra with Bonnie Baker – Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh! (1939)

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“Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh!” (Ed Rose and Abe Olman)

Orrin Tucker and His Orchestra

Bonnie Baker – vocals



Bruce Kyle says:

Reese Witherspoon?? If not,sure looks like twins.

Richard Moon says:

Thanks for this wonderful treat. Bonnie is just wonderful.

Bonnie Baker says:

My name is Bonnie Baker. Mother used to sing "oh, johny, oh" to me but this is the first time I ever saw or heard her. Just great.

John Belz says:

Wee Bonnie Baker.

Banderuola66 says:

Very nice voice !!! Enjoyed listening to this very old song !!!
Big Thumbs UP !!!



Daniel Kubacki says:

I love this version. The Andrews Sisters did a great vversion of this song as well.

CatsPjamas1 says:

Use the search box. It's on this channel. Enter "Billy Murray" and "Oh Johnny".

Stuart Strickland says:

How about a link to the Billy Murray version? It isn't coming up in the suggested videos.

CatsPjamas1 says:

More info can be found in the description under the video.

john oconnor says:

One of my all time favorites. The Orrin Tucker Orchestra was so smooth and Bonnie Baker was a charmer. Tks

DevonFarren says:

can you put an mp3 download link please?

DevonFarren says:

don't ever take this video down, i love it soooooo much!

beyoncetyratina says:

Maxene said that this song was a bit suggestive. Lol, wonderful song though!!! 🙂

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