Miles Davis Quintet – In Your Own Sweet Way (1956)

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“In Your Own Sweet Way” is a 1955 jazz standard, and one of the most famous compositions by Dave Brubeck. It was written around 1952, but its copyright notice was dated 1955. Brubeck’s wife Iola, for whom the song was written, later wrote a lyric for the song, which led to singers such as Carmen McRae recording it. Although an earlier live recording is known, “In Your Own Sweet Way” was first released on Brubeck’s 1956 studio album Brubeck Plays Brubeck.

Miles Davis recorded it twice with his quintet in 1956—once in March with Sonny Rollins as the quintet’s saxophonist, and in May with John Coltrane in the band. According to jazz historian Ted Gioia, “Davis probably deserves as much credit as Brubeck for establishing ‘In Your Own Sweet Way’ as a jazz standard”, partly because Davis closed “the A theme with an E natural, instead of the F that Brubeck intended. The prevalence of this Davis ‘flat five’—which imparts a wry off-centeredness to the proceedings—in later performances is one measure of the trumpeter’s influence in the dissemination of this song.”(Wikipedia).

Miles Davis – trumpet