Michael Bublé – Feeling Good

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“Feeling Good” (Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley).

Album: “It’s Time” (2005).





March Baby says:

8 years later and this song is still AMAZING!

LDOr1g1nal says:

What's with the Japanese people in this?!

LDOr1g1nal says:

Why does the video have such a James Bond feel?

Margot Assié says:

i feel like i'm watching this in the wrong year

Mannat Singh says:

Awsome song

Алиса Джеймс says:


Pony Little says:

Who came back after Logan Paul's video? When Jack was singing to Maverick this XD

Victoria Element says:

Writing a spy film, and this is so going to be the theme

Jose Calet Muñoz says:

yes is feeling good, super

Vitall Ks says:

What is the genre of this song?
Do you recommend any similar songs?

Vitall Ks says:

What is the genre of this song?
Do you recommend any similar songs?

Micah Wake says:

he should have been born 50 years earlier. maybe then this jem would get the appreciation he deserves

Hit says:

I think Buble's singing is decent, but not incredible, but his song choices are very remarkable. I enjoyed every bit.

Meg McInerney says:

damn, I know Im impressed by him beating up three women. A new day indeed, just not one that anyone wants to see.

Eugene Johnson says:

I love this video. It really does make you feel good.

Kawaii Sushi says:

2017. this is mine and my grandmas song

Llaurice Jaron says:

And I'm feeling good after watching

Countess KittyKat xox says:

Took me 7 years to find this…

I Am FourSide says:

Im glad i was born in the early 2000's

Nisa Bilici says:

türk yokmu ya yanlizmi kaldim

Zaynib Khan says:

I think he stole this from Muse!!

Gavin Crawford says:

We used this song for black history month at school

KrasnyKN says:

Today I've crossed the magical border.
Forty years have passed.
Some have asked if something has changed.
They asked how you feel.

And I feel so … word for word …

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