Maynard Ferguson – Carnival

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Carnival is the 11th album by Canadian jazz trumpeter Maynard Ferguson on Columbia Records.



Track listing:
Maynard Ferguson: Trumpet solos on all tracks except “Baker Street” (Flugelhorn)
Side one
1. “M. F. Carnival” (Arranged by Nick Lane, Guitar Solo: John Qdini, Micromooog Synthesizer: Biff Hannon, Piccolo: Bob Militello) Maynard Ferguson, Nick Lane 6:05
2. “Fantasy” (Arranged by Gordon Johnson, Piccolo Trumpet: Joe Mosello) Maurice White, Eddie del Barrio, Verdine White 4:21
3. “Theme from Battlestar Galactica” (Arranged by Nick Lane, Flute: Militello) Stu Phillips, Glen A. Larson 5:56
4. “Stella By Starlight” (Arranged by Slide Hampton, Trombone Solo: Phil Gray, Alto Solo: Mike Migliore) Victor Young, Ned Washington 7:15
Total length: 23:37
Side two
1. “Birdland” (Arranged by Nick Lane, Tenor Solo: Eric Traub, Guitar Solo: Qdini) Joe Zawinul 5:38
2. “Baker Street” (Arranged by Biff Hannon, Alto Solo: Migliore, Bass Guitar: Gordon Johnson) Gerry Rafferty 6:50
3. “How Ya Doin’ Baby” (Arranged by Hannon, Guitar Solo: Qdini) Ferguson, Biff Hannon 4:00
4. “Over the Rainbow” (Arranged by Hannon, Flute Solo: Militello) Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg 5:29
Total length: 21:57

The MF Band:
Maynard Ferguson: MF Holton Trumpets, Firebird, Superbone, Flugelhorn
Eric Traub: Tenor & Soprano Saxophone
Mike Migliore: Alto & Soprano Saxophone, Flute
Bob Militello: Baritone Saxophone, Flute, Alto flute, Piccolo
Nick Lane: Trombone
Phil Gray: Trombone
Stan Mark: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Joe “Loon” Mosello: Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piccolo trumpet, Percussion
Dennis Noday: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Dan Welty: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Ron Tooley: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Biff Hannon: Fender Rhodes Electric Piano, Polymoog, Micromoog & Minimoog Synthesizers
Gordon Johnson: Electric & Acoustic Bass, Flute
John Qdini: Acoustic & Electric guitar
Bob Economou: Drums
Peter Erskine: Drums
Gordon, Peter, Biff, John, Kim, Tony, Joe & Nick: Handclaps

Additional musicians:
Ralph MacDonald: Percussion
Rubens Bassini: Percussion
String Concertmasters: Aaron Rosan, Paul Winter

Maretha Stewart
Hilda Harris
Barbara Massey


Released: 1978
Length: 45:34
Label: Columbia
Producer: Maynard Ferguson