Marc Copland Trio – Haunted Heart & Other Ballads (Full Album)

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“Marc Copland has a unique piano approach with instantly recognizable harmonies; a kind of dreamy dissonance that’s more gentle than jarring. Listening to his music is like being in a sun-dappled forest glade which is both soothing and mysterious… Copland is an original, adventurous player who never loses the audience, and the crisp recording here adds to the enjoyment.” (Judith Schlesinger, AllMusic).

“These are impressive performances that stay with the listener. Haunted Heart and Other Ballads is a wonderful recording” (JazzTimes).

“While “ballad records” don’t always generate a positive connotation in listeners minds, this record transcend the all-ballad program-as-concept into a wash of sound, beautiful sound. Enjoy swimming in the depths of this sublime recording” (AllAboutJazz).

Track listing:
1. My Favourite Things 1 (Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein) 1:54
2. Crescent (John Coltrane) 7:17
3. Dark Territory (Marc Copland) 6:33
4. Greensleeves (Traditional) 6:05
5. When We Dance (Sting) 5:39,
6. My Favourite Things 2 (Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein) 2:26
7. Soul Eyes (Mal Waldron) 7:51
8. It Ain’t Necessarily So (George & Ira Gershwin) 8:02
9. Easy To Love (Cole Porter) 7:49
10. Haunted Heart (Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz) 8:43
11. My Favourite Things 3 (Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein) 3:36


Marc Copland – piano
Drew Gress – bass
Jochen Rückert – drums


Released: 2001

Record Label: Hat Hut Records