Mal Waldron – Plays Eric Satie (Full Album)

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Mal Waldron Plays Eric Satie is an album by American jazz pianist Mal Waldron playing compositions by Erik Satie recorded in 1983 and released by the Japanese Baybridge label.

Track listing:

All compositions by Erik Satie

“Désespoir Agréable” 6:21
“Hermonies” 6:39
“Essais”  9:28
“Première Pensée Rose + Croix” 8:20
“Le Vilain Petit Vaurien” 4:24
“Three Gymnopédies, No. 1” 8:05

Recorded in Tokyo, Japan on December 8, 1983

Mal Waldron — piano
Reggie Workman — bass
Ed Blackwell — drums


Released: 1984
Recorded: December 8, 1983
Label: Baybridge (Japan)
Producer: Jeffrey Kaufman