Mahavishnu Orchestra – Between Nothingness & Eternity (Full Album)

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Between Nothingness & Eternity is the first live album of Mahavishnu Orchestra, and last with the original line-up, released in 1973.

Track listing:
Side one
1. “Trilogy: Sunlit Path/La Mere de la Mer/Tomorrow’s Story Not the Same” (John McLaughlin) 12:16
2. “Sister Andrea” (Jan Hammer) 8:45
Side two
1. “Dream” (McLaughlin) 21:24

John McLaughlin – guitar
Jan Hammer – keyboards
Jerry Goodman – violin
Rick Laird – bass
Billy Cobham – percussion


Released: November 1973
Recorded: August 18, 1973
Length: 42:24
Producer: John McLaughlin