Louis Prima – Buona Sera Signorina

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Louis Prima – Buona Sera Signorina, 1956



harryoakley says:

Such a pity they cut out the muscial bits, especially Louis' trumpet solo….

jovanholden1 says:

Oh I didn't know Gia Maione was singing in the band in 1956….wait she wasn't

SuperTsipora says:


thesofakillers says:

Pam beesly in the back

Puma Puminis says:


ummglick says:

he got a hair piece and a good voice

Filip Vanheer says:

one of my dad's favourites…

Graham Wing says:

More like 1964 -65

johannesnicolaas says:

Pope Francis brought me here.. .lol

fahrradhansi says:

…perfetto !
Questa musica non esprime e l'anima

tommysmusicplanet says:

where is the sax solo of Sam ?

Baron Von Trenk says:

i want to download this!



Leslie Barboza says:

wow he looks great

Manalto says:

He is NOT wearing a toupee. Really. Not at all.

Fun song!

Irmtraut Petersson says:


George Kohn says:

Absolutely a great number!!!!

Victorr Brindatch says:


Mária Marcingerová says:

Dio sia lodato, abbiamo Youtube, almeno possiamo ascoltare la perfetta popmusic, per esempio nostro Re del Buona Sera Signorina. Lui significa per me un ritorno ai tempi molto elleganti e pieni dell´elleganza e della musica!

Mária Marcingerová says:

Che cosa posso dire? Soltanto, grande stima! M.M.

VentureCapitalist202 says:

I love this music!!!

Mária Marcingerová says:

Anche questa interpretazione ascolto con grande gioia! Louis Prima era una grande musicista, un grande artista. Con grande stima M.M.

juan casamayor says:

grande renato !!!!!!!

Marco Ossanna says:

HELP HELP HELP. Please, anyones got the full video? It looks like is excerpted from a movie… if yes, anyone knows wich one? Thank you !!!


cousin luigi did it as good,GOD REST YOU COUSIN LOU! TONY

Don Park says:

I think that  cutie was  bout  24 here-Louis was  55 i  think. WTG Louis.

saunieh says:

According to the movie about him this was 1965, not 1956.

Ase ÒVERWIJK says:

wow playback that for me if you will, Louis

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