Life Force – Fearless Warriors

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Editorial Reviews: “Life Force’s “Fearless Warriors” is spiritual jazz funk as an homage to the Civil Rights Movement out of Atlanta in the late 70s. This is a top, rare US-album and high in demand – led by Joe Jennings and Howard Nicholson who are both still active in the Atlanta jazz scene today. Includes standout tunes “Fearless Warriors” and nice bossa dance “To Pharaoh With Love” dedicated to Pharaoh Sanders.”

Life Force was organized in 1972 by Joe Jennings and Howard Nicholson as a musical outlet free of the kind of restrictions that usually limit the creativity of the musicians involved. Since then, Life Force has become a kind of Jazz Institution in Atlanta, known for its outstanding performances. This is the first recording by this group, and it is a beautiful example of the group`s versatility and talent as performers and composers. So here for the first time on record is the music of Life Force.

Track listing (Original annotations to the tracks by Joe Jennings):

1. Fearless Warriors
The album and title song is dedicated to all those warriors (people) who have had to adopt themselves to so many different circumstances to survive, individually and collectively. Those Blacks, so called minorities and working class, have had to bear the heaviest portion of the burden, but continue to strive for higher goals in all aspects of lifeagainst what at times seem to be insurmountable odds. These are their songs cast in their rhythms.

2. To Pharao With Love
To Pharao Sanders who gives us his music sincerely, his rhythms freely and his presence on this planet has given us a broader perspective of music. (Fearless Warrior)

3. Atlanta Anna
Atlanta Anna is to the street lady. No justification or condemnation for who or what she is, but just a mere acknowledgement of her existence in the rhythm that surrounds her. (Fearless Warriors)

4. Wow
A tune composed by Oliver Wells that is dedicated to his father, a minister, who dedicates his life to teaching us about the ever presence of the Creator and our relationship to Him. (Fearless Warriors)

5. I Remember Duke
This composition was composed by Howard Nicholson, in memory of the Master, Duke Ellington. This tune is destined to be a jazz standard. I could think of no better tribute to Duke, a Master Warrior, than with a beautiful composition, such as this one. (Fearless Warrior)

6. Sister Bea
This composition is dedicated to Howard`s sister who I had the pleasure of meeting in New York, where she was deeply involved in the activities at the East. A very beautiful Sister, dedicated to the preservation of the culture and spirit. (Fearless Warriors)



Joe Jennings: alto and soprano sax, Howard Nicholson: Tenor and soprano sax, Oliver Wells: piano, fender rhodes and prophet, Ricky Wells Keller: Bass, Yonrico Scott: drums and percussion, Terry Smith: percussion, Luis Stefanell: triangle, claves and tambourine (on “Fearless Warriors”), timbalelitos and hand claps (on “Atlanta Anna”), agogobells and cowbell (on “To Pharao With Love”), bells and triangles (on “Sister Bea”), Michael Gandy: vocals (on “Atlanta Anna”).


Recorded at Doppler Studios, Atlanta/ Georgia in 1980
Recording engineer: Bill Quinn
Mixed at Doppler Studios by Bill Quinn, mastered by Jim Loyd at Masterfonics, Nashville/ Tennessee
Final Mastering 2007 by Jury Lutz