Lenny Breau ‎– The Velvet Touch Of Lenny Breau – Live! (Full Album)

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The Velvet Touch of Lenny Breau – Live! is a live album by Canadian jazz guitarist Lenny Breau that was released in 1969.

“Rесоrdеd live at Shеllу’ѕ Mаnnе-Hоlе іn Hоllуwооd, Cаlіfоrnіа, Thе Velvet Tоuсh оf Lеnnу Brеаu: Lіvе! features a trіо ѕеttіng of Brеаu оn еlесtrіс guіtаr, Rеg Kelln on drumѕ, аnd Rоn Halldorson оn еlесtrіс bаѕѕ. Musically, thе rесоrd runs thе gamut from jаzz, pop, аnd bluеѕ to Indian muѕіс. Brеаu’ѕ аbіlіtу tо рlау сhоrdѕ, mеlоdу, аnd a bаѕѕlіnе ѕіmultаnеоuѕlу hаѕ tо be heard tо bе believed” (AllMusic).

Track listing:
“Tuning Time” (Lenny Breau) – 1:49
“No Greater Love” (Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky, John Digges, Domenico Savino) – 6:37
“The Claw” (Jerry Reed) – 4:23
“Indian Reflections for Ravi” (Breau) – 3:12
“That’s All” (Merle Travis) – 5:42
“Blues Theme” (Breau) – 1:01
“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy” (Joe Zawinul) – 5:30
“Spanjazz” (Breau) – 5:19
“Bluesette” (Jean Thielmans) – 6:00
“A Taste of Honey” (Ric Marlow, Bobby Scott) – 4:43
“Blues Theme No. 2” (Breau) – 2:40

Lenny Breau – 6-string and 12-string guitar
Ronnie Halldorson – bass
Reg Kelln – drums


Released: 1969
Recorded: April 28–30, 1969
Venue Shelly’s Manne-Hole, Hollywood, California
Length: 46:56
Label: RCA Victor
Producer: Danny Davis, Ronny Light