Larry Goldings Trio – Sweet Science (Full Album)

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Larry Goldings conceived much of the music on Sweet Science on the Korg CX3 and recorded it on a modified C2 Hammond Organ. The funk, blues, and jazz master performs ten excellent songs with his longtime trio members Peter Bernstein on guitar and Bill Stewart on drums. This fourth CD for the Palmetto label finds the trio stretching the boundaries of the organ trio format. On the title track, “Sweet Science,” at the head Goldings states the theme by creating imaginative block chord passages and changes that he inserts between adjacent sections for Stewart’s drums and Bernstein’s guitar. Bernstein then performs a very melodic guitar solo that can be described as beautifully uncommon with other guitar players of his generation. His great articulation segues into Goldings’ awesome organ solo — one that is complete with harmonic schemes, fresh chord progressions, and the rhythmic formulae that have been known to make up Goldings’ prized signature licks. “Solid Jack” epitomizes Goldings’ accomplished and imaginative sonic organ mastery. This song creates an attractive synthesis of melodic appeal and compositional ingenuity. The mystical “Chorale” and “Come in and Pray” find the trio at peace with a very special spiritual vibe. These are two beautiful pieces that you can just kick back and meditate to. Overall, the CD is a refreshing dose of straight-ahead jazz, blues, and funk. More varied in both artistic scope and musical technique than his previous effort, Sweet Science surpasses the standards of Goldings’ unique compositional instincts heard on As One. A brilliant effort (AllMusic Review by Paula Edelstein,

Track listing:

1 Asimov
2 Sweet Science 6:09
3 Solid Jack (Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart) 11:10
4 Lookout (Goldings, Bernstein) 15:39
5 This Guy’s in Love with You (Bacharach, David) 21:18
6 Chorale (Bill Stewart) 26:50
7 Pegasus 31:14
8 Gnomesville 38:51
9 Spring is here (Rodgers, Hart) 44:22
10 Come in and Pray (Goldings, Bernstein, Stewart) 51:09


Bill Stewart – drums
Peter Bernstein – guitar
Larry Goldings – organ

Released: June 25, 2002
Duration: 54:29
Recorded: January 6, 2002 & January 7, 2002
Recording Location:
Maggie’s Farm, Buck’s County, PA

Label: Palmetto Records ‎– PM 2084