Kristin Asbjørnsen Ensemble – My Brother’s Comeback

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Kristin Asbjørnsen Ensemble
Live in Concert, Victoria Teater 2nd April 2011

“My brother’s comeback”
(Lyrics by Asbjørnsen/Music by Asbjørnsen/Ansnes)


Kristin Asbjørnsen – vocals
Jostein Ansnes – guitars/vocals
Olav Torget – guitars/vocals
Gjermund Silset – bass/vocals
Knut Aalefjær – drums
David Solheim – live sound

Recorded by David Solheim. Mixed by Olav Torget.
Photos by Edited by Svein Kvamme.


Kjersti Kveli says:

yes! All songs should be good enough to hold your interest for 8 whole minutes! Just like this. Well done!
She moves so beautifully too! 🙂 Thanks for posting/filming/making!

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