Jon Faddis & Doc Cheatham – Struttin’ With Some Barbecue

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Wynton Marsallis Salutes Louis Armstrong – Struttin’ With Some Barbecue – Jon Faddis & Doc Cheatham
Recorded Live: 8/17/1990 – Newport Casino – Newport, RI


Johnboy S says:

Wynton does a better fake Louis. This is embarrassing,for Faddis.

Robert Duis says:

Loud – High – Virtuoso ….. but nice? Sorry > No.

Bernard Victor says:

Doc Cheatham certainly shows Faddis up.

Tommy Schibli says:

Indeed; not the nicest tone counts – just the highest possible note!
It is for Doc Cheatham that I do not click the "dislike"

John Davies says:

Stop carping, it's all brilliant!

chris rice says:

I love Faddis solo, but i agreed with what Doc horn said………Man he reminded me of what makes songs like this amazing. the simple language of jazz.

Princess Bubblee says:

Is funny seeing Faddis, a master trumpeter, playing this music. Makes you see Armstrong's superiority.

trestresbrel says:

Faddis est un merveilleux trumpet jazz et son style est de jouer très haut en registre bien qu'il soit aussi bon dans toutes les tessitures , après on aime ou pas ,mais perso  trop c'est trop , surtout dans cette vidéo , il exagère

ChéChé R. says:

Doc Cheatham man what a beautiful soul.. RIP

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