John Surman/John Warren – Tales Of The Algonquin (Full Album)

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Tales of the Algonquin is the seventh album by English saxophonist John Surman recorded in 1971 and released on the Deram label.

Track listing:
All compositions by John Warren.

Side one
“With Terry’s Help”
“The Dandelion; We’ll Make It”
“The Picture Tree”
Side two
“Tales of the Algonquin”
a. “The Purple Swan”
b. “Shingebis and the North Wind”
c. “The Adventures of Manabrush”
d. “The White Water Lily”
e. “Wihio the Wanderer”


John Surman – baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone
Martin Drover — trumpet, flugelhorn
Kenny Wheeler — trumpet, flugelhorn
Harry Beckett — trumpet, flugelhorn
Malcolm Griffiths — trombone
Ed Harvey — trombone
Danny Almark — trombone
Mike Osborne — alto saxophone, clarinet
Stan Sulzmann — alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Alan Skidmore — tenor saxophone, flute, alto flute
John Warren — baritone saxophone, flute, soprano saxophone
John Taylor — piano
Harry Miller — bass
Barre Phillips — bass
Alan Jackson — drums
Stu Martin — drums


Released 1971
Length: 47:34
Label: Deram
Producer: Peter Eden