John Scofield – Blue Matter

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Blue Matter is a studio album by jazz guitarist John Scofield, released in 1986. It is the first of three recordings featuring Gary Grainger on bass guitar and Dennis Chambers on drums. The keyboards are played by Mitchel Forman with Don Alias providing percussion. Hiram Bullock is featured as second guitarist on three tracks.

“One of the top jazz guitarists from the mid-1980s on, John Scofield has always had a very recognizable sound and the ability to combine together R&B/funk with advanced jazz.” – Scott Yanow/AllMusic.



Track listing:
All tracks written by John Scofield

“Blue Matter” – 5:47
“Trim” – 7:33
“Heaven Hill” – 4:28
“So You Say” – 4:34
“Now She’s Blonde” – 5:32
“Make Me” – 2:53
“The Nag” – 4:18
“Time Marches On” – 7:32

John Scofield – guitar
Mitchel Forman – keyboards
Hiram Bullock – rhythm guitar (1, 5, 6)
Gary Grainger – bass guitar
Dennis Chambers – drums
Don Alias – percussion


Released: 1987
Recorded: September 1986
Studio: Mediasound and Gramavision Studios (New York City, New York)
Length: 42:37
Label: Gramavision
Producer: Steve Swallow