Joe Pass with Herb Ellis – Joe’s Blues (Full Album)

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Joe Pass with Herb Ellis – Joe’s Blues

recorded in 1968 and released in 1998

AllMusic Review by Robert Taylor
Originally recorded in 1968, but not released until thirty years later on the Laser Light label. Joe’s Blues is the first of three sessions Joe Pass recorded with colleague and friend, Herb Ellis. It was recorded following Pass’ stint as the featured guitarist on Billy Eckstine’s television show. His playing is bursting with energy and is a fine preview of what was to come during the next three decades. Ellis proves to be a complementary accompanist and provides his own trademark playing without infringing on Pass’ leadership. Highlights include the foot-stomping “Alexander’s Ragtime Band” and the two duets, “The Shadow of Your Smile” and “You Stepped Out of a Dream.” The latter two would inspire the highly recommended recordings, Seven, Come Eleven and Two for the Road.

1. Alexander’s Ragtime Band (Irving Berlin)
2. Look for the Silver Lining (Jerome Kern, Buddy DeSylva)
3. Joe’s Blues (Joe Pass)
4. Georgia (Hoagy Carmichael, Stuart Gorrell)
5. When You’re Smiling (Shay, Fisher, and Goodwin)
6. The Shadow of Your Smile (Johnny Mandel, Paul Francis Webster)
7. What Have They Done to My Song, Ma (Melanie Safka)
8. You Stepped Out of a Dream (Herb Nacio Brown, Gus Kahn)
9. Sweet Georgia Brown (Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, Kenneth Casey)

Joe Pass – guitar
Herb Ellis – guitar on “The Shadow of Your Smile” and “You Stepped Out of a Dream”
Colin Bailey – drums
Monty Budwig – bass


Quint Clobo says:

whoever clicked dislike, slap yourself in the face

David Guilmor says:

Maravilha de som!

Kevin Webb says:

What a pair of geniuses.

Axe Man says:

I think it's Herb on the left and Joe on the Right judging by the feel, tone and lines they play.

Both great players but I think herb on the left gets better tone and swings more, though Joe plays more interesting lines

Mario Nocita says:

This is pure text book jazz guitar duo. They were the greatets Jazz guitar duo in the history of jazz.

peter spilsbury says:

Perfection: what else can I say ?

charly bross says:

y los dinosaurios siguen sin desAPARECER

Clarence Wooten says:

Had no idea this existed, this is classic. Thanks for posting!  Saw these two in L.A. 1970, went to a weeklong Howard Robert's guitar clinic (precursor to G.I.T.). Second day in Roberts said I have a couple of friends coming in to play. Later that day Herb Ellis and Joe pass show up and the three of them hold an impromptu jam session and completely blow away the 30 some odd aspiring jazzers taking the course. Most of us were pretty young, I don't think anyone was ever the same after that.

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