Joe Pass – Better Days (Full Album)

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Better Days CD Joe Pass Jazz Guitar Lead, with Ray Brown ac. bass, Earl Palmer/Paul Humphrey drums, Carol Kaye el. bass some tracks, all-star jazz studio band of Joe Sample piano, Tom Scott sax/flute, Conte Candoli trpt/flugel, JJ Johnson trom, Milt Holland perc. – all with accurate Chord Charts and Joe’s Solo Transcription Sheets – 10 tunes – Head Start, Burning Spear, Better Days, We’ll Be Together Again, Gotcha, Alison, etc…other standard jazz tunes, soul-jazz, some funk, bossas, all featuring Joe’s HOT soloing great solo guitar, all styles of Jazz and Funk! …… CD has extra jazz-soul tracks with Carol Kaye, Paul Humphrey from Ojai 1971 recordings: Slick Cat, The Preacher, Bass Blues, My Bonnie, Love Is, others. You can play with the “Better Days” CD with the Chord Charts included, and Joe’s “Better Day’s” great easy-reading guitar solo transcription sheets included in package. Finest showing of Joe’s fiery soloing, his beautiful ballads and cooking soul-jazz rock-pop with the finest of studio jazz musicians to back him up. Tunes and musicians chosen by Joe for this 1971 event.

Track listing:

01.Head Start [0:00]
02.Burning Spear [2:51]
03.Free Sample [5:09]
04.Better Days [8:26]
05.After School [11:23]
06.We’ll Be Together Again [14:30]
07.Balloons [17:02]’s Too Late [19:59]
09.Gotcha! [22:52]
10.Alison [25:08]
11.The Preacher [27:19]
12.Bass Blues [30:02]
13.Flying Down Baja [32:27]
14.My Bonnle [33:45]
15.When Love [37:23]
16.In The City [40:13]
17.Slick Cat [42:44]



Joe Pass – guitar
Joe Sample – piano
Ray Brown – bass
Milt Holland – congas
Earl Palmer – drums
J.J. Johnson – trombone
Conte Candoli – trumpet & flugelhorn
Paul Humphrey – drums (#1,2,3,4,17)
Carol Kaye – bass (#2,4,8,9,12,17)


Label: Gwyn ‎– LP 1001
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1971
Recorded: 1970 – 1971
Recording Location: Los Angeles, CA