Ira Sullivan with Johnny Griffin – Blue Stroll

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Blue Stroll is an album by American jazz multi-instrumentalist Ira Sullivan, which was recorded in 1959 and released on Delmark. He leads a quintet with saxophonist Johnny Griffin, pianist Jodie Christian, bassist Victor Sproles and drummer Wilbur Campbell.

Track listing:
“Wilbur’s Tune” (Wilbur Campbell) – 6:03
“My Old Flame” (Arthur Johnston, Sam Coslow) – 6:40
“Blue Stroll” (Jodie Christian) – 5:52
“63rd Street Theme” (Johnny Griffin) – 7:24 Bonus track on CD
“Bluzinbee” – 19:46
“Wilbur’s Tune, Alternate” (Wilbur Campbell) – 8:13 Bonus track on CD

Ira Sullivan – trumpet, baritone sax, peck horn, alto sax
Johnny Griffin – alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax
Jodie Christian – piano
Victor Sproles – bass
Wilbur Campbell – drums


Released: 1961
Recorded: July 26, 1959
Studio: Richard Cunliffe Studio, Chicago
38:21 (LP)
53:58 (CD)
Label: Delmark
Producer: Robert G. Koester