Ida Cox With Coleman Hawkins Quintet – Blues For Rampart Street (Full Album)

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Classic blues singer Ida Cox had not recorded since 1940 nor performed regularly since the mid-’40s when she was coaxed out of retirement to record a date for Riverside in 1961. At 65 years old (some books list her as being 72), Cox’s voice was a bit rusty and past its prime, but she still had the feeling, phrasing, and enough tricks to perform a strong program. With assistance from trumpeter Roy Eldridge, tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, pianist Sammy Price, bassist Milt Hinton, and drummer Jo Jones (swing-era veterans who came up after Cox was already a major name), the singer does her best on such numbers as “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues,” “Blues for Rampart Street,” “St. Louis Blues,” and “Death Letter Blues.” Since she passed away in 1967, this final effort (reissued on CD) was made just in time and is well worth acquiring by 1920s jazz and blues collectors (Scott Yanow/AllMusic,




Track listing:

01.Blues For Rampart Street [0:00]
02.St. Louis Blues [2:56]
03.Fogyism [6:18]
04.Wild Women Don’t Have The Blues [10:47]
05.Hard Times Blues [14:03]
06.Cherry Pickin’ Blues [18:19]
07.Hard, Oh Lord [21:50]
08.Lawdy, Lawdy Blues [25:36]
09.Death Letter Blues [31:28]
10.Mama Goes Where Papa Goes [35:06]


Ida Cox – vocals
Coleman Hawkins –  tenor saxophone
Roy Eldridge – trumpet
Sammy Price – piano
Milt Hinton – bass
Philly Joe Jones – drums


Label: Riverside Records ‎
Released: 1961
Reissued: 2014
Recorded: April 11, 1961 & April 12, 1961, NY
Duration: 38:21