High Pulp – Bad Juice (Full Album, 2018)

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“Upbeat, quirky and catchy is one way to describe High Pulp’s anticipated debut album Bad Juice. It’s well played and equally well composed. Their sound a blend of funk, jazz and the morning sun. I hope you’ll enjoy this album as much as I have!” (http://bit.ly/2AAtDDz).

““It’s hard to imagine throwing on this LP and feeling anything less than joy. From the pink flamingos on the cover to the buoyant, flashy grooves embedded in each song, Bad Juice is the soundtrack to your carefree, balmy summer nights.” – KEXP” (http://bit.ly/2OGJzY7).

Track listing:

All songs written by High Pulp

1. Introducing – 0:00
2. Hookai – 3:44
3. Ezell’s – 12:03
4. Fishbowl – 20:04
5. Dave’s – 21:51
6. Smooth – 28:42
7. Impressions – 36:13
8. Epilogue – 41:51


Rob Granfelt – drums
Scott Rixon – bass
Gehrig Uhles – guitar
Antoine Martel – keyboards
Rob Homan – keyboards
Andrew Morrill – alto Saxophone

Victory Nguyen – tenor saxophone
Isaac Poole – trombone
Raphael Zimmerman – trumpet
Walter Torres – percussion


Released: June 30, 2018
Recorded & Mixed by Jason Gray (Blue Mallard Recording)
Mastered by Doug Krebs Mastering