Herb Geller – Fire In The West (Full Album)

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Track listing:

00:00 A1 S’Pacific View (Herb Geller)
05:55 A2 Jitterbug Waltz (Thomas Waller)
11:39 A3 The Fruit (Bud Powell)

17:55 B1 Here’s What I’m Here For (Harold Arlen,Ira Gershwin)
22:35 B2 Marable Eyes (Herb Geller)
27:16 B3 An Air For An Heir (Herb Geller)
30:58 B4 Melrose And Sam (Herb Geller)


Herb Geller – alto saxophone
Ray Brown – bass
Lawrence Marable – drums
Lou Levy – piano
Harold Land – tenor saxophone
Kenny Dorham – trumpet


Herb Geller – Fire In The West
Jubilee JLP 1044
Vinyl, LP, Mono
US 1957

Recorded in Los Angeles ,March 14, 1957