Herb Ellis – Thank You, Charlie Christian (Full Album)

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The Allmusic review by Jason Ankenyaw arded the album 4½ stars and stated : “A beautiful and heartfelt record that draws from the past but refuses to live in it”.

Track listing:
A1 Pickley Wickly
A2 I Told You I Loved You, Now Get Out
A3 Cook One
A4 Karin
A5 Cherry Kijafa
B1 Thank You, Charlie Christian
B2 Alexander’s Ragtime Band
B3 Lemon Twist
B4 Everything’s Pat
B5 Workin’ With The Truth

Chuck Berghofer – bass
Harry Babasin – cello
Kenny Hume – drums
Herb Ellis – guitar
Frank Strazzeri – piano


Label: Verve Records
Released: 1960