Harlem Blues and Jazz Band – Jazz in Yverdon

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The Harlem Blues and Jazz Band is a jazz ensemble active since the 1970s.

The band was initiated by Al Vollmer in 1973, noting that a significant pool of jazz musicians who had played in the 1920s and 1930s lived in New York City and had retired as musicians. Its first bandleader was Clyde Bernhardt, who was replaced in 1980 by Bobby Williams. The band is touring in the US and in Europe since 1976 and has edited several LPs and CDs. The band hosted its 40th Anniversary Celebration on April 19, 2013 in New York (Wikipedia).


  • Bobby Williams – trumpet
  • Heywood Henry – clarinet, saxophone
  • Al Casey – guitar
  • Stan Greig – piano
  • Johnny Willliams – bass
  • Belton Evans – drums

in Yverdon, Switzerland, June 20, 1985. A part of the long standing “Jazz in Yverdon” series.




A great pleasure to hear those excellent and often neglected musicians ! Bobby Williams was just a name on trumpet sections for me, Haywood Henry on Tenor is a discovery ( he is quite famous as baritone saxist), I believe Louis Armstrong should have kept Johnny Williams (with a real bass) with him. Al Casey is the "star" of the band, but the drummer and pianist were totally unknowm to me. and they are all good and swinging like youngsters ! (or better than youngsters….)

Айдана Текенова says:

Ну это надо в живую слушаьть…геметрия Гарлема это состояние 10000 клеток и все сознание там в сумерках улиц….

Jean-Luc Bersou says:

Vraiment très bien !Le plaisir et une grande leçon ! la basse électrique très en avant
peut faire regretter une grand mère acoustique mais il faut y voir l'avantage de lignes
beaucour plus facilement "repiquables" pour l'auditeur qui le souhaiterait …Et encore
un grand merci et "chapeau" pour le choix du répertoire et le talent des interprètes !

Marcio Abad says:

Great music!!! I´love it!!! Thanks for this

Joe Cipriani says:

badassses  thank you

edward jacobs says:

This took me down memory lane yeee!!!

edward jacobs says:

This took me down memory lane yeee!!!


Awesome! Wish I were there……………………..back in the day> They knew just what to do!

karl-heinz becker says:

das ist echter Jazz Harlem Blues Jazz band…….habe ich schon in Chikako gehört.
Wunderfaoll  Karl-heinz

Osmar Ferreira says:

vai segurando…….

LonzoBrothers says:

Great! Thanks for posting!

gian paolo Puglisi says:

Very nice upload !
Thanks a lot

Robert Walther says:

Thanks for posting this. It's great to see Al Casey and the whole group swings.

crownpropeller says:

Apart from what the clip says, the name of the person producing and announcing this concert is not "George Mathys" but Georges Mathys. Sorry for that error.

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