Hal Garper feat John Scofield – Ivory Forest (Full Album)

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Ivory Forest is a recording by a quartet led by pianist Hal Galper. It was released on the Enja Label in 1980. It features a 28-year-old John Scofield, whose playing is quite recognisable, despite the fact that he had not yet developed his signature sound.

The Allmusic site awarded the album 3 stars, stating: “Well-played, if not overly memorable, modern mainstream music”.

Track listing:
“Monk’s Mood” (Thelonious Monk) – 5:58
“Yellows Days” (Alan Bernstein/Álvaro Carrillo) – 3:48
“Rapunzel’s Luncheonette” (Hal Galper) – 9:36
“Ivory Forest” (Hal Galper) – 7:36
“Continuity” (Hal Galper) – 6:32
“My Dog Spot” (Hal Galper) – 6:31

Hal Galper – piano
John Scofield – guitar
Wayne Dockery – bass
Adam Nussbaum – drums

Released: 1980
Recorded: Oct 31/Nov 1, 1979

Location: Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg
Length: 40:06
Label: Enja
Producer: Matthias Winckelmann